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Step 1: Inspection

Substrate must be clean, dry and free of any foreign material that will prevent proper adhesion.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in a poor finish.  It is recommended to test on a small area first

Step 2: Surface Preparation

For best results apply over a freshly painted and thoroughly dried surface (Ideally 24 hours).  If surface has imperfections such as nail holes, cracks, peeling paint etc. Repair and prep wall as you would for any paint application.

Step 3: Mixing And Application

Use a paint stick to stir thoroughly prior to application to avoid setting.  Apply an even, moderate coat using a high-quality foam or 3/8” non-shedding nap roller cover.  When applying we recommend to roll the product as close as possible.  With your foam roller while maintaining a wet surface.  Once you are ready for cutting in around the perimeter. Use a good quality paint brush to force the product into the areas you are cutting in.  After cutting in is complete you will need to back-roll over the surface to blend in any uneven brush lines.  To ensure your surface is thoroughly painted: view your area on an angle.  This will allow you to spot any holidays or missed spots.  If either are found re-roll your entire surface with your foam roller while maintaining a wet surface to fill these in.  Finish off by back rolling in one direction to achieve a uniform coat.  Although in most cases a second coat is not necessary.  If needed a second coat may be applied 24 hours after the initial application.  If the initial coat has cured for more than 48 hours, sand the surface lightly with 220 grit sand paper and wipe clean before applying a second coat.


Do not stretch the product beyond the indicated square footage as labeled on the container or product performance may become impaired.  EZ Write Off is a heavy based material due to being composed of 80% solids.  Do not be afraid to roll the product out to achieve the proper square footage as indicated by the container.  To prevent sagging it should always be back rolled.

Dry Time/Storage

Depending on temperature and humidity allow 48 to 72 hours for curing.  Be sure to test a small area in a corner to ensure it is fully cured prior to writing on the surface.  Once the container is initially opened; if re-sealed properly it has
a shelf life of approximately 30 days.


-For best results: It is recommended you erase daily with a micro-fiber cloth. For any stubborn residue use a damp cloth with water.

Please watch informational application videos below on both our one component dry erase paint and our magnetic base paint.

EZ Write Off- Dry Erase

           "The one part solution to a two part problem"

Determine how much material is needed by measuring the surface area to be covered in square feet.
Length X Width = Square footage